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Welcome to PAOK Montreal

PAOK Montreal philosophy and goals

Goals are set to be conquered. 

Achieving them is the last step, but to reach that point, one has to go through hard work, agony, disappointment, failure, having the strength to rise up again, to hope, to dream… All these ingredients unite a whole community behind the ultimate goal.  

The people at PAOK FC’s Youth Sections have a dream since 2007. It’s a conscientious resolution rather, taking into account all parameters. They want to create footballers and set the ground for a state of the art football school. They have a long way ahead of them and only time will tell if their bet will be won or not. What counts however, is their continuous quest to see their efforts come to fruition. 

The official website of PAOK FCpaokfc.gr, presents to the world the club’s academies, their philosophy, structure, history and impressive progress.  Responsibility, stress, joy and satisfaction is what the people working at PAOK FC’s Youth Sections feel each day, as they mould and develop the future of the club.  

Prior to 2007, the scouting process was embryonic. 

Since that year however, PAOK FC has embarked on a coordinated effort to organize and boost their Youth Sections. In the Savvidis era, the restart button has been pushed and the aim is high: to become one of Europe’s and the world’s finest academies within the next five years. 

 Establishing this academy in Montreal is an important step in the growth culture of soccer in Canada. With this presence in the country, we hope to contribute to the development of the sport by introducing the players to our authentic style of play, which has become a symbol of the club's identity.